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This very war affected and transformed lives of millions,choucha refugee camp Tunisia was one of it,people who were unable to return back to their country of origin,due to fear of persecution actively struggled and lived there since Come June 19th the camp was invaded using military coup that very early hour of 6am,that the entire camp was leveled down under 20m in a haste and stopped everyone from taking any photo or video evidence,except for some hidden cams and again placed the remnants of the camp in another chaotic state of disbelieve and torment mental,physical torture.

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Now the plot of evicting the camp has been executed,all the questions asked by those of us who remained in the camp before the cruel eviction without a plan for follow up,just like it was after the Libyan war,, has asked so many questions without an answer to define the present moment. This is the 5th month since we arrived the new site of la marsa Tunis. At this very moment apparently,these same organizations operating without a direction,nor humanitarian sympathy,cut-off all basics humanitarian assistance without giving the people or explaining to them what is expected of them.

What do you stand to benefit,when you dish out all these pains for years,without remorse,when you seize every information from the people,when you block the situation and make it invisible,when you address,advocate and represent human right? What do you think you achieved from such mischievous tricks?

What do you think you benefit,when you create situations and define them the way you feel and like to? Feudalism that comes with conflict,conflict goes hand in hand with slavery and warfare,with warfare comes war captives. Now what is the role of the western elites and scholars in this forced migration act were by the victims vulnerable state becomes a target to police and immigration to live without freedom?

This act of domination and imposure is a grossly unfair concept that institutionalized feudalism and transpose, that the victims has to be subjected to one of the most brutal form of legal slavery in a frozen situation without power and resources,especially when its not an accidental fiasco but systematically program either by seduction or force without putting the tragic impact into account.

Creating victims of social engineering,locked in underground circumstances,making reality becomes unreal and unreal becomes reality and this fact got many nailed to the wall. If we have a system that cannot be duplicated and can never listen carefully to replication of the future of the Africans.

Placing people in a victimized state of emotional,educational,political and psychological torment and disadvantage,disconnecting social from psychological instincts of mind,if people are thrown in an undesirable pandemonium stage in the circumference of legal public policy officials,should the flaws be hold over the victims head with pressure? And the hosted government neglected the humanitarian situation and subjected us to inexplicable torture severally, according to the history of the camp,at the pioneer state or rather say before the camp there was an absent of a regulative law in Tunisia known to the knowledge of the UNHCR.

UNHCR being the only actor responsive in the absence of a legal framework and the International institution set up for reasons like Choucha left the camp with no justification of those behind, is still the responsible in a connection pipeline linked to the International body that made a declaration without counting the cost of what happens to the human disaster mean those that will be fleeing the war.

It should be an impartial judgement that people affected by war refugees dumped in a desert for almost 5yrs has no justice and its not a fair thing to do that Choucha is given immigration judgement,that those remaining are economical migrants that is now being manipulated by the Tunisian immigration system. Calling on human right leagues who have been following up with our struggles and understand the exact demand, and have witnessed to the deterioration of the situation and identify all the human right violation we are undergoing with no empathy.

Is it right that a camp set up as a result of International declaration is refusing to admit with the forced flow of migration of refugees of the war, represents human right? Those of us inhabiting the camp close to the troubled border getting to 5years without human dignity in worn out tents, with no hope for the future prospects, and in an unsafe conditions, sound right?

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Is placing people under psychological warfare to determine their fate with nothing, in a space provided by International signatory without administrative resolution for a suitable durable solution to the reason the camp was established sound right? Is compelling people against their will to beg for alms in the street sound right?

How does human right experts and leagues defines almost 5years resistance under harsh conditions, in most cases torture police maim? Throwing more light in flashback memories of the past and present penury,deprivations and injustice is the reason for this analysis. The legal and political leagues as expert should please resolve the vulnerability of the Choucha and give meaning to those lives. Werkt met je mobiele telefoon!

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Wählen Sie die beste Handy Spionage App für das! According to our struggle all through Tunisia there has never been a safe atmosphere for us and we insist on a legal exit platform to resolve this long term suffering that has been inflicted on us. Hack whatsapp account in hack whatsapp chats easily hack whatsapp online whatsapp hacking tools and tricks. Write and send messages to your friends and contacts from your Android device. And the Demand is still a legal platform to a safe third country with effective system Not local integration in Tunisia.

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Choucha camp was not established as a result of natural disaster in Libya, but a man-made catastrophe created by International body and can not be fixed till date by those felt to be sane minded, and are promoting equal value for human lives, peace and stability in every nook and cranny of our inhabited world. Or it is a crime to flee the Libyan war! Could this be the reason why these remnants of Choucha camp are still abandoned and being subjected to all sorts of both physical and psychological pains, that privileges according to the camp history have to be a segregation that exist?

U delegation in Tunis and this continuous habitual act here in Tunisia of arresting and beating up refugees for exercising their right of legitimate freedom, imprisoning them and forcefully expelling them at gun point to the frontiers of territories where their lives are being threatened, as was done few months ago by Tunisian police and immigration as a social structure or national methodology over us to Algerian troubled border, and seemed acceptable, is in line of violation and mere cruelty.

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