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The speaker also gives alerts when the camera is running low on battery, or has run out of storage space.

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Diese Werkzeuge kaufen. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove all 6 of the 3mm screws located on the side of the camera. Using the Phillips tool, remove the three 3mm screws from under the LCD screen. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the one 3mm screw on the back of the camera. Gently pull the flex cable away from the hard drive. It should pop-off with minimal effort. Once removing the flex cable, remove the plastic guard from the side of the hard drive. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws from the housing under the hard drive.

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Remove the top plastic housing of the camera. All screws attaching the housing have previously been removed. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the two 3mm screws from the LCD Screen connector and the two 3mm screws on the front plate of the camera.

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Carefully remove the lens covering from the camera in order to access the internal components. Using the Phillips Screwdriver, remove the one 3mm screw holding the speaker housing. The speaker is now removed, and the speaker port is open. Replace the new speaker with the damaged one, and replace the one 3mm screw. Rückgängig: Ich habe diese Anleitung nicht absolviert.

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Auszeichnungen: Hilf mit iFixit zu übersetzen. Schwierigkeitsgrad Einfach. Schritte Zeitaufwand 10 Minuten. I also have a friend's SR68 copying the videos to DVD for her and I'm wondering if there's any way I could make a Frankenstein camcorder out of the 2 of them?

Specifically, put the SR47 hard drive into the functioning SR I know I can replace one drive with a bigger one, but it sounds like you need to format it to install it. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of rescuing my videos. My other thought was to try to transplant her working battery section to mine? I'm at a loss, I'd really appreciate any help. And are you seriously at WCU?

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    Elizabeth McKeown - Hilf mit iFixit zu übersetzen. Schwierigkeitsgrad Einfach. Schritte 5. Zeitaufwand 20 Minuten.

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    Abschnitte 1. Hard DRive 5 Schritte. Kennzeichnungen 2. Action Shots Sei ein Actionheld! Einleitung The hard drive is one of the most common parts to be damages on electronic devices. Possible reasons for a damaged hard drive are: - Liquid entering the shell of the camera - The camera being shaken or dropped - Magnetic fields contacting the camera - Simply worn over long periods of time. Werkzeuge Diese Werkzeuge kaufen. Schritt Hard DRive. Einen Kommentar hinzufügen. Kommentar hinzufügen Abbrechen.

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